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Every time I place on the door the machine tilts down or up depending on where it is on the door

Here are a few important points that are also available in the instruction manual that may help:


1) If the door mount is high, the strap needs to run they the top slots.  If it’s at the bottom of the door, straps run they the bottom slots.


2) Make sure the strap is super tight with the ratchet.  The strap should twang like a guitar string.


3) When MAXPRO is mounted high on the door, the MAXPRO cable exit holes should be on the top.  If the MAXPRO is low on the door, the exit holes should be pointing down.


4) You can always add another 1” ratchet/strap to the door mount to assure the brackets never move.  They are sold at any hardware or Amazon and they are really inexpensive 

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