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Thinking about acquiring a MAXPRO? find answers to all your questions here!


Is MAXPRO a pulley-tension system?

Yes! The MAXPRO system works using our exclusive PowerClutch. The PowerClutch is a multi-plate friction-based system. Each resistance level has an estimated pounds and/or kilograms.

What's the The PowerClutch?

The PowerClutch is a patent-pending technology inspired by Detroit’s automotive industry and provides the highest force to size ratio ever developed by utilizing a multi-plate clutch system with our specialty-developed friction elements to provide up

Can you use the MAXPRO as a functional trainer?

Yes! We have many trainers and coaches that train athletes for sport-specific training and functional training. With 10 feet of cable, you can do power and explosive movements, forward and side to side, as well as jump training, and large strike core

What’s the warranty on the cables?

Just like any cable machine, the MAXPRO cables are considered a normal wear item that will last between 1-2 years depending on the frequency and intensity of use. Replacement cable kits can be found at our store and here you can find the video instru

How long are the MAXPRO cables?

Each cable is 9 feet long

What's the value of every resistance level on lb/kg?

The resistance levels chart is available on our app. Tab on the [Menu] icon and select [Resistance Charts] from the menu list. It is also available on our website.

How long does it take to charge the MAXPRO SmartConnect?

It takes 4 hours to fully charge your MAXPRO SmartConnect.

What's the battery life of my MAXPRO SmartConnect?

With a regular 3-4 x use per week the battery should last at least two months.

MAXPRO Maintenance

MAXPRO is relatively maintenance-free and ready to use right out of the box. The MAXPRO comes with cables that will last for around one year with regular use. Customers are able to replace the cables by purchasing a cable replacement kit from our sto

Can I use two MAXPRO to go over 300lbs?

We do not recommend using the MAXPRO for resistance higher than 300 pounds. We did post a video of Nezar using two MAXPRO's because one of our customers asked about it. You can check it out here. Again, we

Where’s MAXPRO manufactured?

We are a Detroit based company and our first choice was to produce MAXPRO in Detroit.. as a startup, to put it simply, we couldn’t do it.. for now.. the start-up cost was 5x more to build tolling and produce in the US... but we will definitely be pro

What is the lifecycle of this product if used regularly?

The MAXPRO chassis is actually made from an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy which is extremely durable and will withstand tough workouts. We do recognize that the cable is a wear item that will probably last for one year (depending on the level of use

How much weight the cables can support?

The MAXPRO cables have a break strength of over 700 pounds and are made from specialized Kevlar.

What’s the cable made of?

The cable is made out of ultra-high molecular polyethylene with a break strength of over 1000lbs. That's 15X stronger than steel by weight, and used in next-gen bulletproof vests

What are the dimensions and weight of the MAXPRO?

The full chassis of the MAXPRO is 32.5' long and 3.5 inches wide when fully open. When the device is folded it is just 16.2 inches long. The device weights 9 pounds.

Is MAXPRO resistance constant or does it increase?

The resistance is constant based on what you set it at. If you have it set at 3 (around 15* pounds), then it comes out at 15 pounds and stays at 15 pounds until you turn the knob to adjust the resistance. Very different (and safer) than a resistance