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Just got your MAXPRO and don't know where to start?


Welcome to MAXPRO!

Download the APP!

The MAXPRO Fitness app is available via Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

MAXPRO's break-in period

Unbox your MAXPRO and start working out immediately

Pull out the Pull-Tab to Power up your MAXPRO

How do I turn MAXPRO SmartConnect ON?

Before turning the MAXPRO ON you'll need to remove the plastic tab from under the battery so the device can be charged. Instructions are here. Once that's done, long-press the power button until the blue light is ON and you hear a low beep. The devic

How to properly stand on your MAXPRO

How to easily use your MAXPRO wall track

How to use your MAXPRO bench

How to use your MAXPRO jump belt

How to use your MAXPRO Suspension Handles

How To Install your EZ Door Mount System

How to install your MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track System

How do I get a copy of the user manual?

You can download the PDF version of the manual here.