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SlimLine Wall Track System

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How do I install the SlimLine Wall Track System?

Is the Slimline Wall Track System suitable for outdoor installation?

Yes! the Wall Track System can be installed outdoors as long as it is mounted on a wooden stud.

Can I install the SlimLine Wall Track System on a concrete wall?

Yes, it is possible to mount it on a block wall instead of a wooden stud wall, however, you will need to get the appropriate wall anchors and screws. We use #8 2.5inch long mounting screws (9 pcs) for the drywall stud mounting. If you present this in

How portable is the SlimLine Wall Track System?

The SlimLine Track system is not meant to be portable at all. This is a permanent solution that is drilled into a wall stud.

What are the dimensions of the SlimeLine Wall Track System?

How much space do you need to set up the SlimLine Wall Track?

The cables can extend up to 9 ft; however, most exercises can be performed with the cables extended to 4 ft. With that in mind, it should take a 2x9 foot squared area maximum to perform your workouts.