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How to Mirror Screen to TV?

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You’re going to need a SmartTV and a Samsung phone with Android 10 or later that has Smart View.

  1. Connect your MAXPRO SmartConnect to the MAXPRO Fitness app. 
    [How do I connect the MAXPRO to my phone?

  2. Scroll down your Quick Panel and tap on [Smart View] - If you do not have Smart View listed you can tap on [MEDIA] and then [Smart View] 

  3. The phone is now going to show any available Smart TV and you can tap on the name of the TV.

  4. Your Smart TV is going to ask if you want to connect, using your remote click on [Allow]

  5. You’re ready to start working out on your TV! - whenever you’re ready to stop just tap on the [Smart View] button on your Samsung’s screen and disconnect.

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