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Less time in the eccentric phase to quickly engage the muscle for increasing time under tension. How do the words “less time” and “quickly” describe increased TUT?

Because there is only tension on the concentric phase, you can quickly (and safely) go through the eccentric phase to bring it back to the concentric motion, where you then engage the muscle slowly. 

You don’t get proper resistance throughout curved motions such as curls when using cables.

Very similar to free-weights, when you get to a certain point, the ‘weight’ is being held by your shoulders/elbow. However, one added benefit of the MAXPRO is that you can’t cheat using the inertia/motion of the weight pulling down, so you have to pull through the motion.  Lastly, with the MAXPRO, you can change the direction of the pull. You can mount it in front of you, and now you can pull the weight towards you (like a row). 

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