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Got questions about the concentric nature of the MAXPRO? this is the place to answer them!


How can I set my MAXPRO on a tree?

Using the MAXPRO outside is awesome! You'd need the Door Mound and to fold the MAXPRO a little bit to hug the tree so that you can properly SPACE OUT the brackets. This is THE MOST important thing. The brackets MUST be all the way to the outside of t

Is the MAXPRO effective at building muscles?

The MAXPRO can do just about every exercise you can do in the gym with normal cable machines plus you can do suspension training. MAXPRO is extremely effective at building muscle, with many studies validating its unique concentric resistance profile

Does MAXPRO work for heavy lifters?

If you always lift heavy, we believe the MAXPRO could hold up for a period of time and is designed for heavy lifting under proper use, but you may need to replace the cable earlier than others, which is something you can do yourself with a replacemen

Less time in the eccentric phase to quickly engage the muscle for increasing time under tension. How do the words “less time” and “quickly” describe increased TUT?

Because there is only tension on the concentric phase, you can quickly (and safely) go through the eccentric phase to bring it back to the concentric motion, where you then engage the muscle slowly. You don’t get proper resistance throughout curved m

You don’t get proper resistance throughout curved motions such as curls when using cables.

Very similar to free-weights, when you get to a certain point the ‘weight’ is being held by your shoulders/elbow. However, one added benefit of the MAXPRO is that you can’t cheat using the inertia/motion of the weight pulling down so you actually hav

So is the MAXPRO isokinetic resistance?

It’s primarily concentric resistance from 5 to 150lbs per side or 300lbs total. But you can use the MAXPRO as isometric resistance, or put it in suspension mode to work eccentric along with concentric.

What exercises can I do for my hamstrings?

Stiff leg hamstring left (example: left leg on right side of MAXPRO, right hand pulling on the right handle), squat, seated curl (MAXPRO on low mount), Nordic curl (with bar MAXPRO on low mount), seated leg curl (on the bench), and RDL to name a few.

If I mount the MAXPRO can I do lat pull downs with the bar and tricep push downs with one cable?

Yes, you can use one side/cable at a time, or combine the 2 cables into one loop/handle if you want. The MAXPRO is extremely versatile in this area! Visit our Youtube Channel to see some workout examples, and you can find all available workouts on ou

Can I do squats with MAXPRO?

Squats are only possible with a narrow stance less than 19" from outside of the foot to outside of the foot.  A way we found to modify the squat to be more comfortable, is to do more deadlifts, with hands by side, or using our jump belt to isolate th

What exercises can I do for my hamstrings?

Stiff leg hamstring left (example: left leg on right side of MAXPRO, right hand pulling on right handle), squat, seated curl (MAXPRO on low mount), Nordic curl (with bar MAXPRO on low mount), seated leg curl (on the bench), and RDL to name a few

How to do a chest press with the MAXPRO?

Can you do the same bench exercises on your flat bench that can do with a decline/incline bench?

You can do all the incline and decline exercises with the current flat bench, because you have a cable system with freedom of motion, not up/down linear like with a bar and weights.. So all you need to do is adjust your body mechanics relative to the

Is MAXPRO effective for burning fat and losing weight?

MAXPRO provides numerous exercises to get your heart rate up which provides a high cardio benefit to help lose fat and tone your body. You can find several video examples via our YouTube Channel.

Can we do glute bridges with the MAXPRO?

Yes, you can use the bar to do a glute bridge with the MAXPRO. Also, check this video on a GLUTE HIIT session that we hosted a while ago.

Is there a way to turn on the tension when you are in position to do a squat or bench press?

You start with the resistance dials on 1 and pull the cables out to a comfortable length.  You can either lock out the cables temporarily with the MAXPRO cord locks, until you get in position, then adjust the resistance dials to the heavy setting, th

300 pounds isn't enough for me when I do squats? Is there a way I can compensate for this?

Right now the MAXPRO is the high end of our resistance levels. But one can always compensate with more reps or changing to one-legged squats with a reverse lunge for example, which have a similar muscle-building effect, with much less weight, and les

Does MAXPRO provide both concentric (lifting) and eccentric (lowering) resistance of the weight during your workout?

Using the MAXPRO provides a concentric biased resistance (CBR) profile. A concentric biased resistance (CBR) profile is different from the traditional workout methods available today. Basically, a MAXPRO user will workout the muscle primarily on cont

What chest exercises can you do without the bench and without it mounted (so what chest exercises can you do with the MAXPRO on the floor)?

You can do a military press overhead that works the shoulders and upper pectoral muscles while standing, as well as, a low and wide chest fly raises to the center of chest position for the lower pectorals.  If you are in a place where you can lay dow

Can one side with heavyweight be used at one time? Say, with a lat pull-down bar on the wall track?

Yes, you can use one side at a time on the wall track. In order for one side to be used, the other side has to be supported. In this case, the wall track is holding the side that is not being used.