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Rotating cover is getting stuck

When one of the sides of your MAXPRO is not returning properly, it means that one of the screws under the rotating cover is too tight. You will need to turn the MAXPRO upside down, remove the rubber cover from the side that's sticking, and loose two

MAXPRO feels uneven, what should I do?

If this doesn't resolve the situation, please contact our Customer Care Team for assistance.

MAXPRO is not holding charge

To protect the battery, there's a plastic tab under the MAXPRO. You should remove the tab before using the MAXPRO, instructions are available on the manual that came inside your MAXPRO box. Also, you can watch this video:. If this doesn't resolve the

MAXPRO turns ON but does not connect to the app

You need to have GPS/location services turned ON in order for it to connect. If you're using an Android device, you can do this by turning the location on your device. If you're an iOS user, instructions can be found here. If this doesn't resolve the

MAXPRO is making a weird noise

It is possible that you're getting what we call a "cable hop" meaning the cable is bunching up on one side. To resolve, try these:. 1- Mount your MAXPRO up. 2- Pull out both cables about 10 feet (or as long as you have room for). 3- Slowly allow the